Cloud Atlas



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Cloud Atlas. Bremer. 2021. Advanced generation lutea hybrid. Parentage: {(Age of Gold x Seidl #16) x (G’Day Mate x Rosalind Elsie Franklin)}. Seedling #NB27. Single to semi-double flowers open blush and quickly fade to white. All petals are ruffled and crimped. Many petals are notched and fringed and unevenly fringed adding ornamental value. Interior petals face upward and present pink small pink flares. Red filaments, light pink to white incomplete sheath and light green-white stigmas. One flower per stem, but may exhibit a side bud from time to time. Carriage is nearly upright and stems are sturdy and do not bend with the weight of flowers. Plants in Wisconsin typically grow 28-32 inches and stems are often lost due to winter conditions. Bloom is reliable each year from new stems arising as ground shoots or from low buds on older stems. Growth rate is slower than average compared to other lutea hybrids, but is not a difficult garden subject. ‘Cloud Atlas’ is small plant in comparison to many other advanced generation lutea hybrids and exhibits relatively finely dissected foliage of deep green with red tinting. Root and crown hardiness is good, but this plant is recommended for USDA Hardiness Zones 4B or warmer. Fertile pollen and no seed fertility to date. Named for the puffy, well ruffled flowers which present themselves as intricate clouds.   A superior cultivar for the show table and garden!   Ships in late September to mid October.  AGE: Field grown, 4+ year old graft or division from larger plants – our choice of available plant material upon harvest.

Color: White-Cream