Dakota Girl



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Dakota Girl.  Bremer. 2020.  Advanced generation lutea hybrid.  Seedling #NB-SH104.  Parentage:  Manchurian Promise x Seidl #118.   A very large hybrid with a base color of cream, heavily overlaid with rose-pink.  Solid rose-pink flowers fade shortly after opening to reveal rose veined cream colored petals, widely bordered in rose.  Petals with very large rolling ruffles  with central notches on the outer edges.  Bases of the petals have large deep maroon-black flares causing the center of the flower to appear dark and mysterious.   A large, bright mass of deep yellow anthers enclose a cream-white sheath and stigmas.  Filaments are deep red and long.   Three rows of petals create a semi-double form.  Central petals point upward, while the outer row is flat.   Long stems carry one bud  and often bend outward due to the weight of the flowers.  While I would prefer a more erect carriage the remarkable flowers allow shortcomings to be overlooked.  Foliage is very deep blue-green and large.  Leaves have medium deep lobes with pointed ends and hold throughout the summer and fall to create an excellent landscape specimen.   Stems are often winter killed and quickly regenerate from basal shoots which most often produce excellent bloom.  Plant height is to 3 feet in Wisconsin and will likely grow taller in less demanding climates.  Plants are wider than tall and are vigorous growers.  Excellent pollen fertility, seeds are more challenging.  Light vanilla-like fragrance.  Makes a wonderful flower for floating in a shallow bowl.  Named for our dear friend and fellow peony addict Linette Sorrentino who has her family roots in the Dakotas.  Ships in late September to mid October.  AGE: Field grown, 4+ year old graft or division from larger plants – our choice of available plant material upon harvest.

Color: Flares and/ or Spots, Lavender-Pink-Coral, White-Cream
SPECIALTY: Fertile, Ornamental Foliage