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Hades.  Bremer.  2023.  Advanced Generation Lutea Hybrid.  Parentage: (Pluto x KC Red).  Semi-double flowers are deep red, uniform and petals have a waxy substance.  Flowers do not fade much.  Petals are wide, outer edges are notched and wavy.  Red filaments, red sheath, and light red stigmas.  A striking flower in person due to outstanding carriage and superior plant habits.  Foliage is deep green with hints of red and waxy in texture. Highly fertile pollen and excellent seed production.  Reportedly useful in intersectional breeding (reported from a hybridizer who specializes in the cross).  Seedlings grown from our crosses with other lutea hybrids have had uniformly beautiful wide foliage and we look forward to further bloom.  Plants are strong and heathy growers with better than average stem hardiness.  Plants reach 4 feet here in Wisconsin.    Hades pollen has been used to create intersectional peonies with lactiflora parents and resulting seedling have superior plant habits and foliage (different from the many poor foliar types associated with red lutea hybrid pollen parents).  Dark flowers and foliage is named for the Greek God of the dead and king of the underworld.   Ships in late September to mid October.


Color: Red
SPECIALTY: Fertile, Ornamental Foliage, Rare