Chow, Bernard


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Jintan.  Chow, Bernard.  Unregistered garden named seedling (Chow #I34).  Advanced Generation Lutea Hybrid.  Hybridized by Bernard Chow of Australia from Bill Seidl lineage lutea hybrids.  Bernard Chow does not register his plants, thus his introductions are not readily searchable online.  However many are very good and this is one we recommend.  Very large cream based single flowers with unusual dark flares that bleed out to violet on the petals.  Plants sprawl and produce ground shoots some distance from the main plant.  It is a somewhat slow grower here in Wiscons with long nodding stems, but flowers are very unusual and are completely different than any other cultivar.  Lacks stem hardiness.  Pollen, may produce occasional  seed with compatible parents.   Ships in late September to mid October.  AGE: Field grown, 4+ year old graft or division from larger plants – our choice of available plant material upon harvest.

Color: White-Cream