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Mimas.  Bremer. 2017.  Advanced generation lutea hybrid.  (Terpsichore x Rosalind Elsie Franklin).  Flowers are medium sized and have petals of cream coloration with a wide coral-pink picotee.  Petals are highly ruffled along their outer edges.  Excellent straight stems with good carriage.  One or two flowers per stem.  Stigmas and sheath are light pink.  Filaments are red topped off with bright yellow anthers.  Light fragrance.  Pollen in some years and seed fertility is difficult.  A vigorous grower produces many basal shoots.  Foliage is deep blue-green and wide.  Plants in Wisconsin reach 3 feet and produce a well rounded bush.  May grow taller in climates with warmer winter temperatures.  Reliable bloomer each year. Mimas is named for one of the moons of Saturn, or if you like, one of the giants in Greek Mythology. Ships in late September to mid October.

Color: Blends-Patterns, Lavender-Pink-Coral, White-Cream
SPECIALTY: Ornamental Foliage, Rare