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Olympus.  Bremer.  2022. Woody Paeonia.  Suffruticosa x Rockii lineage.  Parentage:  Angel Emily x Stolen Heaven.  ‘Olympus’ carries large 8 inch soft pink blooms.  Petals are highly ruffled, notched, crinkled and ruffled, creating an ornate presentation.  Flares are maroon with pink central streaks which bleed and feather on to the petals.  6 to 8 light green carpels are tipped with light pink stigmas and wrapped with a pink sheath. Filaments have maroon bases and are cream for most of their length.   Small, wide leaflets are puckered and deeply lobed, often edged in red during bloom season.  Stems are woody and hard.  Flowers are presented evenly and upward above the plant.  A photogenic subject and and a showstopper in the garden.  Performs best on relatively dry soils.  Plant height in Wisconsin reaches 4 feet x 3 feet in 10 years in Wisconsin – probably larger in less rigorous zones.  Easily fertile both ways.  Named for the famed Greek mountain which was the mythological home of the gods. Ships in late September to mid October.  AGE: Field grown, 4+ year old graft or division from larger plants – our choice of available plant material upon harvest.


Color: Flares and/ or Spots, Lavender-Pink-Coral
SPECIALTY: Fertile, Fragrant, Landscape Use, Ornamental Foliage, Rare, TNT