Paeonia delavayi/potaninii/lutea



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Paeonia delavayi/potaninii/lutea.  Seed strain subsection open pollinated plants. China.  These are offerings grown from seed and are part of the species subsection Delavayanae.   The entire subsection interbreeds easily with one another and flower colors can range from yellow to orange to red to various blends.   Flowers are nodding and are carried in 2 to 6 per stem.  Plants may produce flowers in spring and then again later in the summer and fall.  Plants in Wisconsin reach 3 to 4 feet on annual canes.  In warmer climates stems are persistent through the winter and will attain greater heights.  Foliage has long deep lobes and is quite ornamental.  Once established, plants are vigorous growers and put on a interesting display of foliage and flower.  Delavayanae subsection plants were used in crosses with Suffruticosa group cultivars to create the beautiful f1 generation lutea hybrids.   These plants are divisions from blooming size plants grown in our field.  Recommended for milder climates (hardiness zones 5 to 7), where winter temperatures are not too low and summer temperatures are not excessively hot and dry.  Plants do well with a location that is protected from wind and has broken shade. All may become tall and often make of annual cane growth of 4 or more feet.  Stems (canes) may be winter killed, but plants reliably grow from basal shoots.   Ships in late September to mid October.  AGE: Field grown, own-root plants of blooming size.   No color or plant habit choice – Our choice.

Color: Blends-Patterns, Orange-Peach, Red, Yellow
SPECIALTY: Fertile, Rare, Shade