Seidl #131 (Pink Parrot)


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Seidl #131. (Pink Parrot)  Seidl.  Unregistered garden named seedling.  Advanced generation lutea hybrid.   Parentage: (Anna Marie x Shintenchi).  Garden named by Bill Seidl in recognition of the flower’s wild petal configuration, which resemble pink parrot feathers. Color is a bright pink and are quite unique. Feathered and notched narrow petals characterize this flower. Plants are very dwarf and slow growing. This plant has been very slow to propagate due to unwillingness to graft easily. An outstanding flower of most unique nature, which will never be confused for anything else. Patience will be required to grow this plant, but the rewards are fantastic as the giant flowers on small plants will surely impress.  Now fertility.   Ships in late September to mid October.

Color: Lavender-Pink-Coral
FLOWER CHARACTERISTICS: Large, Semi-double, Unusual-Spider
SPECIALTY: Rare, Small-Short