Seidl Numbered Seedlings – Group 3



William Seidl is considered the preeminent hybridizer of the Lutea Hybrid Group of Woody peonies.  Much of his hybridizing work was done in anonymity on his 1-acre lot in Manitowoc, Wisconsin until his passing in 2016. During the 1970’s to early 2000’s there was little interest in peonies (especially woody peonies) by American gardeners and much of his hybridizing work was exported in the form of seed to New Zealand and Australia, where numerous cultivars were selected and introduced to commerce.  Many of his own fine selections were grown here in the United States and were introduced and registered as well.  His use of Saunders F1 lutea hybrids and Daphnis hybrids which were presumed to be sterile led to approximately 248 selected and numbered seedlings.  Of these seedlings approximately 30 were registered and were introduced to commerce.  The finest remaining numbered seedlings continue to be grown at Solaris Farms, and in a number of other gardens.  These seedlings often see continued use for hybridizing purposes.   Many of these numbered seedlings are beautiful garden plants in their own right and are much sought after by collectors and current day peony hybridizers.

Solaris Farms is honored to make many of the numbered seedlings available through our catalog.  Our hope is they see continued use in peony gardener’s and hybridizer’s plantings.  Please see selection OPTIONS for the numerous numbered seedlings to see descriptions and make choices.  All are Lutea Hybrids.