Sun Devil


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Sun Devil. Bremer. 2021. Advanced generation lutea hybrid. Seedling #Sundevil. Parentage: (Autumn Harvest x G’Day Mate). Large semi-double to double flowers of light yellow tinted with peach are normal for this cultivar, but vary from greater amounts of yellow to more peach infusion in different years. Petals are ruffled and notched with interior petals facing in a more upward direction. Stigmas are a light peach pink. Sheath and filaments are light red. One bud per stem, with an occasional side bud. Flowers have good upward and outward carriage with a small lutea hook. Blooms are produced over a longer period than many lutea hybrids due to late arriving ground shoots which bloom. Stem hardiness is average in our Wisconsin garden and many blooms are produced on new basal growth. Plants are broader than wide. Typically the plants reach 34 inches in height by 5 feet in width, although greater height may be expected in less rigorous winter conditions. Sun Devil is easily propagated through grafting and is a rapid grower. The medium green leaves are wide and dissected, typical of advanced generation lutea hybrids. Highly fertile, seeds can be expected with compatible partners. Easily pollen fertile as well. Named for its sunny appeal.  Ships in late September to mid October.

Color: Blends-Patterns, Yellow
SPECIALTY: Fertile, Rare