January 1, 2015...The Solaris Farms website is updated for the 2015 gardening season.  We have many new plants available and many of our Top Northern Tier rated goodies.  Daylily shipping starts May 15 (or later if spring warm up is delayed) and peonies are shipped October 1st through the 15th.  Earlier shipping of peonies is not possible due to crown and bud maturity.  Cool soils promote rooting of peonies in the fall of the year, making October the best month for planting peonies.  Spring planting of peonies is inappropriate and is hard on new plantings.  Please consider ordering peonies early, as many cultivars sell out quickly in January and February.   Clearing your browsing history if you have visited our website before will help to view the most up to date offerings.
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Tree Peonies
Tree Peony