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2023 Farm Letter

Published December 29, 2022
Greeting Gardeners!   2022 was an extremely busy year which saw many changes to the way we will do business in future years.   While it was our most successful year to date, change is always uncomfortable, yet rewarding. As many of [read more]

Welcome Letter 2022

Published December 31, 2021
Happy 2022 to all of our customers and website visitors! As I write this letter it occurs to me that we are in much the same place as we were in 2020 in regards to with the Covid pandemic.  Many [read more]

Welcome Letter 2021

Published December 22, 2020
2020 was a most interesting year due to the Covid pandemic and the many changes it brought about.  Additionally, Solaris Farms made many proprietary/management changes to better serve our customers and streamline some of our supporting activities.  Many thanks go [read more]

Late Summer & Fall Season Update

Published August 6, 2020
Solaris Farms is now closed  for visits this season (2020) and look forward to seeing you next year through an appointment!  Daylily bloom was spectacular this year and we appreciate all gardeners who took the time to visit by appointment.  [read more]

Covid-19 & Visiting the Farm

Published May 18, 2020
Solaris Farms Visiting During the 2020 Season and Pandemic Readiness For personal safety, for the safety of those you love and are in contact with.   Like many businesses, Solaris Farms is concerned for the safety of our customers, friends, [read more]

Visiting in 2020

Published April 29, 2020
Due to the pandemic and a number of other planned changes in the farm’s operation, Solaris Farms will be open by appointment only in 2020.  While human health is problematic this  year, our early appraisal of the plants at the [read more]

Solaris Farms Operations Manager – Jordan Kabat

Published April 8, 2020
There is often an assumption that people go into an area of business that reflects their education, their upbringing, a hobby or life-long interest. I suppose one could argue that my angle on the plant world was the hobby option [read more]

Introducing Solaris Farms

Published December 5, 2019
Northern Tier Specialty Plants Peonies, Daylilies and Lilies-Our Passion Solaris Farms is relatively small family owned and operated nursery located in Northeast Wisconsin.  2020 marks are our 20th year in business.  Nate (me) does most of the work related to [read more]